Carolyn Henne’s work ranges from large, complex interactive installations to more straightforward, discrete objects.  Her work revels in the visceral and the sensual, betraying the shapes and volumes that echo pressures from within.  Her practice also includes a deep interest in the viewer’s role in completing her work.

Much of the work has interactive elements and low-tech animations.  With low-tech elements, one gets past figuring it out quickly leaving time to look and consider the work itself.  Low key interactive elements (like sitting or laying down) can slow and extend viewer interaction and allow a time-released experience.  Viewers are less self-aware and can respond peripherally, surrationally, as in a daydream. 

Carolyn Henne is on the faculty of FSU’s Department of Art and serves as the Head of Sculpture. She also serves as the co-Director of Comma, a project housed at the Facility for Arts Research (FAR).